The Bazar

Get ready for a gastronomic journey! The Bazar features fashionable southern cuisine. If you feel like treating yourself to vivid tastes, like trying those “one and only” homemade khinkali, like enjoying sophisticated dishes and marveling at unusual taste combinations, then you know where to go. Come and choose from over 70 southern cuisine dishes. The Bazar offers our small visitors a big children’s room and an artist’s corner. It’s very convenient! We have an entertainment programme for our grown-up guests, too. There is a stylish Music Bar & Karaoke on our second floor. Finding The Bazar is very easy: it is right in the centre of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort, 300 metres from the main cable car.


Aslan Toguzov and Aslan Bestaev, The Bazar’s corporate chefs, have worked together for 13 years in Vladikavkaz, Moscow and Sochi restaurants, where they learned all the fine subtleties of Caucasian, European and pan-Asian cuisine from the best masters. They poured their knowledge, boundless energy and love of cooking into The Bazar’s menu.


The Bazar's hors d’oeuvres include river trout ceviche, chicken liver paté with wine jelly, ground macadamia nuts and orange chutney, champignons baked with Sulugini cheese and Dorblu mousse, and ravioli with Adygei cheese and potato mousse. Our chefs recommend that, when choosing a soup, you give special consideration to the tomato fish and seafood soup or the lyvzha soup with beef cheeks. Entrées include black cod with Black Sea mussels, salmon roe, and pureed parsnip, sautéed beef with marrow, caramelized carrots, creamed parsley and puréed parsnip. And, of course, our menu features homemade khinkali and grilled dishes: kebabs, rack of lamb and lula kebabs. Our must-try dish is khachapuri with dorblu cheese, pomegranate and pine nuts. Southern cuisine at The Bazar tastes like never before!


The Bazar’s entertainment programme is a perfect match for our menu in quality and variety. On the second floor, our guests can visit the Music Bar & Karaoke and a night club, enjoy electrifying parties, chamber music, popular cover-group performances and stand-up shows. Ask the restaurant’s administrator for the latest What’s On. Additionally, our guests can showcase their own karaoke vocal talents. Our vast playlist has a song for any mood to put the finishing musical touches to the wealth of impressions you gather during a day at the ski resort. Holidays are the time to have such a blast that your heart sings for joy!

Street Food

An excellent street format for when you don’t feel like sitting in the main dining room or on the verandah. Street Food is conveniently located 300 metres from the main cable car of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort. Here you can order mouth-watering shawarma with a choice of chicken, beef or mutton. The menu also features appetizing hot dogs and burgers at affordable prices. Sangria, prosecco, wine by the glass, cocktails, frothy drinks, coffee, tea: our drinks menu is also extensive. For dessert, you can try Vienna waffles with berry sauce, ice cream and hazelnut chocolate spread.

For children

The Bazar always gladly welcomes guests with children. In addition to our special children’s menu, we have a spacious playroom with lots of toys and games. There are professional play assistants on hand and we also offer exciting master classes. Check out our children’s menu: healthy salads, soup made with homebred chicken and vegetables, dumplings, cheese balls, nuggets, fish and chicken patties, pancakes with squash, potatoes and yogurt sauce, and many other healthy and appetizing dishes! The Bazar even makes mini-burgers and special boat-shaped khachapuri with quail eggs. Children are guaranteed to love it!

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